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Plant Science Intern

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Plant Science

Job description is on a mission to produce more fresh fruits and vegetables for more people, through A.I.-powered greenhouses.

As a Plant Science Intern at Source, you will team up with our Plant Scientists, Data Scientists and Software Engineers to better understand how plants develop and grow in a controlled environment and how climate and crop handling can be used to optimise trade-offs between yield, costs and resource usage.

To improve our simulation of plant behaviour in a greenhouse, we need to conduct several plant experiments. Your role is to perform measurements in commercial greenhouses, analyse collected and historical data and do literature research. One of our current questions is how we can adjust our plant models to events during early and late season. As an intern your project could include one or multiple of the following topics related to early and late season:

  • Defining the period of early and late season. At the start and end of the season plants are in a different state of development than during the major part in the middle of the season. Growers also act differently during this phase. The aim of this project is to define what period of the season we need to adjust our models to cope with these events.

  • Modelling the light absorption curve during the start of the season. During the first weeks of a cultivation a plant is increasing its leaf area. This increase in leaf area during the start of the season is accompanied by an increase in light absorbance by the plant. 

  • Modelling the effect of ethylene treatment to progress fruit ripening at the end of season. At the end of the season growers want to make sure all their fruits ripen in time and sometimes this timing is also dependent on market prices.

Job requirements

Who are you?

  • You are a bachelor's or master student in Plant Biology or Plant Science

  • You have some experience with data analysis

  • You have basic knowledge of plant physiology

  • You are available for at least 3 days a week for a minimum duration of 6 months

  • You are based in the Netherlands

You have a driving licence valid for the Netherlands.